Terms & Conditions

·         Terms of Use & Security

These terms are for the sale of products in Greece via the e-shop www.oraton.grof the company with the trade name Chris Bougiatiotis.

The company’s data are the following:

"Chris Bougiatiotis" it’s headquarters are in Athens, Kodrigktonos 20, p.c. 11251 , telephone number: 210 8225900, e-mail oraton@otenet.gr

Order and contract agreement

·         Retraction rights in contracts through distance

·         Delivery

·         Shipment time and availability

·         Transaction safety

·         Final Terms

Order and contract agreement

As soon as the "order completion" button is pressed the customer declares that he wants to purchase the products placed in his basket. Before the "order completion" the consumer is required to agree and accept the implementation of the terms of use and agreement. The customer’s order is sent exclusively via internet through the completion and sent of the respective "order document" which is available in the e-shopwww.oraton.gr The confirmation of the "order document" which is sent automatically upon the order submission verifies that the customer’s order has been received bywww.oraton.gr . Nevertheless it doesn’t accept the customer’s order. The acceptance of the customer’s order is given by www.oraton.gr through a separate order confirmation e-mail containing available delivery details either through a courier company or personal collection at our store. Upon the sent order confirmation e-mail both partieswww.oraton.gr  and the customer are committed to purchase and sell respectively of the specific item at a predetermined price.

For the payment, please be informed here. You should consider: The given prices of various products in our e-shop are final and include the legal VAT taxes. Various offers are valid until the stock is depleted. The company as a sign of good faith is not responsible and does not commit to registrations of e-data which have been made due to mistakes or by accident and is entitled to correct them whenever their existence comes to our attention. In case you notice a significantly low price of the product which is not consistent with the current market before ordering it, contact our customer’s service department in 25910 25460 or via internet in oraton@otenet.gr

Retraction rights in contracts through distance

If you are a person (consumer) and purchase a product from our websitewww.oraton.gr    and your purchase is for personal usage only and not to accommodate your professional activities then you are entitled to retract your purchase within 14 days returning to us the product. The retraction right is valid given that the product is in its original condition and the it is returned with your own cost and your choice of transportation within the 14 first days since the retraction (either you return it personally or by using a courier company you trust).When the product is returnedwww.oraton.gr    checks whether the retraction is valid or not. As soon as the return is approved you will be refunded in the same way you initially paid for it.


The order process, the product collection and shipment occur in a daily basis (Monday to Friday) during the store’s working hours. Deliveries do not materialize in official holidays, when our storage facility is closed due to the yearly inventory and the weekends. Products can be delivered anywhere in Greece at the address of your choice. For all purchases the shipping is 4,50 €. The shipping in cash on delivery is an additional 3,00 €.

Shipment time and availability

It is noted that if you proceed with your order completion in each item you will find the required shipment time as it is mentioned here:

  • Available: Shipment time is 1-3 working days since the order’s verification (it is sent via e-mail).
  • 1-3 days: This product will be sent in 1-3 working days since the order’s verification (it is sent via e-mail).
  • 4-7 days: This product will be sent in 4-7 working days since the order’s verification (it is sent via e-mail).
  • Post request: The customer will be informed within 2 working days for if and when the products will be available and if their delivery is possible in the pre-determined time (approximately 30 working days).

The previously mentioned delivery times are according to the availability of the products in the main storage facility of our store in Piraeus and may vary. For areas outside the courier’s service or severely inaccessible the delivery times may vary.

If you wish to personally collect the products from another store and not the one in Piraeus contact the customer’s service for the product’s availability in the store of your choice. www.oraton.gr   is not to be held responsible for any delays (including the delivery) which cannot be attributed towww.oraton.gr    or are the result of force majeure. It is clarified that the final availability confirmation is given during the order’s process and acceptance by our company. If the ordered products are not available at the time of the orderwww.oraton.gr    may not accept the specific order and consequently to not go through with the sale itself. The customer will be informed accordingly. Any initiation of payment will be cancelled. Any deposits will be refunded to the customer without unjustified delays in the same manner that the customer chose to proceed with his deposit initially.

For a product purchase the shipping cost is 4.5 €. In the case of cash on delivery the additional charge is 3 €. This shipping is for areas characterized by the courier company as accessible. For areas outside the service network characterized as inaccessible as in bulky orders.

Transaction safety

The safety of your personal data and your transactions with our customers has the utmost priority for us. Given that, we protect your data which is stored in us through technical and organizational measures for the effective prevention of loss or misusage by other people. For the protection of your personal data, they are transmitted encrypted. We use for example the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology for the protection of the communication through your navigation programme on the internet. This is easily noticed by the lock appearing on your navigation programme in case that a SSL connection is active. The SSL technology is supported by a code key to decipher the data before they are sent through the SSL connection. The security check between the data and the server is conducted based on a unique code word thus securing the communication.

Final Terms

This contract is in accordance with the Greek Law. For any emerging discrepancies between the company and the customer, the Courts of Athens are appointed for the settlement. The protection provided by the provisions of the law about contracts via the internet (contracts in distance) as well as these hereby terms are noted that they are applied only in individuals transactioning for reasons which are not involved in any commercial, business, industrial or freelance activity they may have or be involved in. In case that one of the hereby terms is not abided by the rest remain effective and applicable.